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Election Results

The State Police Commissioned Officers Association recently announced the results of the December 2022 Election:  5 of the 9 Board positions were up for election in 2022.  Duke Donoghue was re-elected as President, Sean Barry as Vice-President, Michael Cashman as Secretary, and Tim Blackwell, Mike Ahern, and Brendan Finn were elected as E-Board Members.


The State Police Commissioned Officers Association of Massachusetts, Inc. (MSP COA) was formed in 1980 as a non-profit benevolent organization whose purpose is to foster positive working conditions, goodwill, and communication between our membership, the public, and the department's administration. As a benevolent association, the MSP COA is there for its membership when it is needed most. The MSP COA aids its members in many forms: funding for collations, training, memorial flowers, plaques, academic scholarships, and other worthy causes as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board. In addition, the MSP COA provides all new members a $16,000 life insurance plan with AD&D at no cost during your membership. All members are also granted automatic membership in the Massachusetts Police Association (MPA), which entitles members to the benefits, rights, and privileges of that organization, and includes an additional $4,000 of life insurance to all members of the MSP COA.

It is important to understand that COA is not a union. But much like a union, our strength is in our numbers, solidarity, and our unity. Although we do not have a grievance procedure, we do have a collaborative relationship with the Colonel’s Office. Members of the Executive Board regularly meet with the administration and are outspoken as a voice on behalf of our membership. The MSP COA is also very active in representing our membership’s interests on Beacon Hill, and employs a lobbyist to work to represent our interests in ensuring our communities remain safe for our families and all residents of the Commonwealth.

The COA also sponsors several social events yearly that members are invited to participate in including our annual golf tournament and holiday party. We provide financial support for worthy events, including the Hanna Awards Ceremony, Cops for Kids with Cancer, and other events, to name just a few.  I invite you to review a calendar of upcoming events.

​If you are eligible for membership in the MSP COA, and have not joined already, I invite and view the benefits of membership here and download the forms necessary to become a member. Traditionally, the COA has had 99% (and often 100%) of eligible Commissioned Officers represented as members. I urge you to help us keep this solidarity by becoming a member of the Massachusetts State Police Commissioned Officers Association today!

Fraternally Yours,


William “Duke” Donoghue


"Proudly Advocating on Behalf of the Commissioned Officers of the Massachusetts State Police"

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